First of all, sign up! As soon as you register, you earn 10 Ha$h Coins you can use on any purchase you make.

Secondly, when you do make your first purchase, make sure you have the box checked that says “Receive exclusive deals and updates.” That way you will be notified of any sales or upcoming events.

Lastly, put the Hempire on your homepage! You can easily display Hempire Trading Co. next to your frequently used apps.

To do so simply click the settings button in your browser and select add to Home Screen.



Simply sign up for an account and add items to your cart. When you are ready to checkout there will be instructions on how to send payment. $50 minimum order.

We have 2 shipping options: Xpresspost through Canada Post and local delivery within the Greater Vancouver area. You will be provided with a tracking number with your order if XPresspost is your chosen option.

Please note that shipping costs cannot be paid with Ha$h Coins (our delivery driver has gotta eat too).

Currently we offer XPresspost Shipping to all of Canada as well as local delivery.

For those ordering from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba, the shipping cost is a flat rate of $15. For those ordering from any other provinces or territories, the shipping cost is a flat rate of $20.

The local delivery is for those within the Greater Vancouver Area. The cost varies from $15 to $30 depending on your location. Your order will get to you much sooner if the delivery option is chosen. Typical delivery times are 1-3 hours once the order payment has been received. We will contact you regarding a delivery time after your order has been paid for.

If your address is valid for local delivery it will say “local delivery” on your checkout page instead of “XPresspost Shipping.”

In order for us to process your order, payment needs to be received. Instructions on how to send payments are included in the checkout page before and after you complete you order. Instructions are also sent to your email address with a summary of your order. Please make sure when you are sending your e-transfer to include your order number in the question.

If you have not received an email, please CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER. You can add our address into your address book as well to deter any future emails getting sent to spam.

Once your payment is received, we will send you a confirmation email letting you know we received your payment and will begin processing your order. As soon as your order is shipped you will receive a final email with the tracking number.

As soon as your order is shipped we will email you a Canada Post tracking number. To check the progress of your order simply visit the Canada Post website or click HERE and enter the tracking number you received.

It can take Hempire Trading Co. up to 24 hours to process your order. Once shipped, it typically takes 2-4 business days for your package to arrive. We make no guarantees for delivery times. There may be delays in shipping during busy times of the year.

Always check your spam folder first before contacting us regarding missing emails. To avoid emails getting sent into spam, you can also add our address to your email contact list.

Some emails may take up to an hour to go through the system. Please be patient.

If you have checked all your folders and still have not yet received an email, contact regarding the issue.



Ha$h Coins are the currency of the Hempire. 1 Ha$h Coin can be converted to one Canadian Dollar and can be applied to any purchases with Hempire Trading Co. They are your rewards for sticking with us. Thank you!

You can earn Ha$h Coins for:

  • Signing up! When you join the Hempire you will earn 10 Ha$h Coins.
  • Shopping. For every $20 you spend on products in the shop, you will earn 1 Ha$h Coin for your wallet. Each items has the number of Ha$h Coins you will earn displayed on it’s products page. There are also bonus Ha$h Coins for purchasing Hempire Gear.
  • Writing reviews. Do you love a certain product? Review it on our website and receive 1 Ha$h Coin for every review make.

Ha$h Coins for purchases will be applied once payment is received.

At the checkout after your shipping information your order will be displayed as well as how many Ha$h Coins you currently have in your wallet to use. If you decide you would like to use some or all of your Ha$h Coins simply type in the amount you wish to spend in the box where it says “Pay with Ha$h Coins.” After typing in the amount you wish to spend, click Use Ha$h Coins. Your cart will update with a new total.

Once you submit your Ha$h Coins for a purchase they leave your wallet immediately. If you end up not going through with your order you can still get your Ha$h Coins refunded. To do so, please email with your user name. We will contact you and adjust your points balance to reflect your proper total.

Your Ha$h Coin total will always be shown in the menu. You can also your total on your “Account Homepage” under the “MY ACCOUNT” tab.

For a more in-depth view, you can select your “Ha$h Coin History” on your “MY ACCOUNT” page.

If you are having any difficulties redeeming your Ha$h Coins or have noticed you did not receive the correct amount for your purchase, review, or signing up please email us at



A badge is rewarded to you for certain accomplishments you achieve throughout our website. When you unlock a badge you will unlock a reward of Ha$h Coins. The amount of Ha$h Coins given depends on the level you have unlocked within your badge.

Your first badge is earned when you sign up. Other badges can be earned through purchasing certain items, writing reviews, and visiting the website in general.

Each badge has different levels you can achieve. With each level, the amount of Ha$h Coins earned increases as well as the difficulty to earn said badge.

Your badges are shown on your account homepage. Click “MY ACCOUNT” or navigate to your “Account Homepage.” Any badges you have earned will be shown in full colour with a description beside them. Any badges you have yet to earn will be shown in black and white.

When you earn a badge, the Ha$h Coins will be directly deposited into your wallet. To check how many you earned, you can view your “Ha$h Coin History” under the “MY ACCOUNT” tab.
Your balance will also be reflected in the menu displaying the total amount of Ha$h Coins you currently have.