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  • Cinderella 99

    Cinderella 99, otherwise known as C99, or simply “Cindy,” is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred by Mr. Soul of Brothers Grimm.  Cindy’s effects are usually described as dreamy, euphoric, and uplifting. It mainly produces relief from stress, pain, and depression. It’s flavours … Read More

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  • Zed Hash Plant

    Zed is a 100% pure indica strain that is a Hash Plant with unknown parentage. There’s a general lack of knowledge where this bud comes from, although the demand for it doesn’t really seem affected. With a super powerful THC … Read More

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  • OG Kush

    OG Kush is nothing short of a legendary strain, despite its exact origins remaining a mystery. Believed to be a cross of Chemdawg and Hindu Kush by some, there is no denying the potency of this strain which is typically … Read More

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  • Scout Master

    Scout master is a hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Master Kush that will leave you with your nose stuck to the bud, both figuratively and literally. The smell is very strong sour lemon/lime flavour and yes, it follows through … Read More

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  • Platinum GSC

    If you thought GSC couldn’t get any better, then behold its next evolution, Platinum GSC, formerly known as Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. This Cup-winning hybrid — a cross of OG Kush, Durban Poison, and a third unknown strain — fills your nose and … Read More

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  • Moby Dick

    Originating in Amsterdam and currently bred by Dinafem Seeds, Moby Dick’s high THC content makes it one of the strongest sativas. Winner of ‘Girl of the Year’ by the cannabis newspaper Soft Secrets in 2010, this strain is a cross … Read More

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  • Fruity Pebbles

    Fruity Pebbles, reminiscent of the popular cereal, is a tasty trip down memory lane. This hybrid is sweet with berry and citrus flavours. It’s euphoric effects will keep you happy when you’re stress and help you catch some sleep when … Read More

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  • Babylon Amber Shatter

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    Babylon is great for stress relief. It will uplift your mind and help ease creativity. It’s quite tasty with pungent, citrus, and floral flavours.

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  • God Lemon Skunk Shatter

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    God Lemon Skunk gives a cerebral high. Relax with this strain of shatter. It is effective for pain relief. The main flavour is a pungent citrus skunk.

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